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DNA Green Group acquires Lex+

The Dutch flower and plant breeder DNA Green Group acquires Lex+, the roses breeding company of Lex Voorn. With this acquisition DNA Green Group obtains a unique position as the only global player with the top 3 cut flowers in portfolio. For Lex+ this acquisition leads to a faster development of new promising varieties through market driven innovations by combining the Research & Development departments and a stronger growth due to the integration with the roses assortment of Bartels Roses, also being part of DNA Green Group.


After the earlier announced acquisition of Bartels Roses, the acquisition of Lex+ is an important step for DNA Green Group in further expansion of its global position in flower and plant breeding. Lex+, ‘the Rose Factory’, is worldwide known for its high quality roses varieties, with among others the well-known Avalanche+. Lex+ retains its brand name within DNA Green Group. Lex Voorn will remain as breeder, Martin de Rooij remains with Lex+ as director.

Harry Kloppenburg, Chief Executive of DNA Green Group: "Lex+ is worldwide known for its high quality roses varieties. The company has a strong and extensive product assortment which enables it to service all important production centers. Furthermore Lex+ has developed a number of strong brands, among which Avalanche+. This combination fits entirely with the market driven vision of DNA Green Group. With this acquisition we are the only global breeder which has the top 3 cut flowers in its assortment: roses, chrysanthemum and carnations. We are delighted that Lex as ‘connoisseur among the rose breeders’ remains with the company together with the current management."

Lex Voorn of Lex+: "We are very pleased with this acquisition, because Lex+ as part of DNA Green Group will be able to grow further even stronger through the combination of the R&D departments which have complementary characteristics of modern technological know-how and proven market- and product intuition. With that I will be able to focus on the development of the world’s most beautiful roses. Therefore I look forward to the future with full confidence."

DNA Green Group, a global player
The company became independent in March 2010. Since then DNA Green Group made major steps to improve efficiency and now focuses fully on breeding flowers and plants. DNA Green Group is ready for further growth, as evidenced by the acquisition last year of American company Oro Farms and Bartels Stek and Roses and the stake it took in Dutch Genetwister Technologies.

About Lex+
Lex+, ‘the Rose Creators’ is a company known for its innovative and high quality products. Lex+ runs an extensive assortment that can service the most important production centers worldwide. With well-known brand names as Avalanche+ the company has achieved a strong position on the global market. DNA Green Group is active in 56 countries and trades over one billion cuttings per year. The company is a global top-3 player in terms of vegetative breeding and propagation of plants and flowers. The DNA Green Group includes top breeding companies such as Fides, Japan Agribio. Barberet & Blanc and Bartels Stek and Roses. The company has 2,400 employees and annual sales of around 85 million euro.

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DNA Green Group acquires Lex+ DNA Green Group acquires Lex+